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Belarus Poker Tour

The whole Belarusian poker, in fact, started with BPT. Just after the creation of the Belarusian Federation of Poker in 2009, the first Championship of Belarus has taken place. Under the patronage of BFSP, these competitions are still organized. Although Belarus Championship is quite different from traditional European poker series, these are favorite series for not only well-known poker regulars - Vasily Firsov, Markushevski Vadim Vadim Kursevich, but also for other poker players.

In 2014 Belarus Cup was renamed as Belarus Poker Tour, completely redrawing timetables and basic principles. For example - series was held at least 10 days without breaks and buy-ins unchanged.

By the way, even when there was a serious economic crisis in Belarus, when the local currency rate jumped up and down, BPT got even widespread.


One of the best series in CIS

Despite buy-in sizes (they are quite low by international standards); BPT has become one of the leading Russian-language poker series in the CIS. Players come from all neighboring countries and they can be confident that tournament will take place on time and the quality of service will be higher each year.

BPT is only two years old but it's Cup has been already played for 8 years and has collected huge experience. However, that poker event is being promoted in several countries with BFSP assistance and brings something new every year.


PokerTrest is proud to work with such a high-level series and recommends it to all players.



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