Cash Game Weekend Batumi in September - review of the event

Cash Game Weekend Batumi – September’ event review

Recently the 5th event of Cash Game Weekend and 3rd one in a row in Batumi has finished. This time the organizers decided to change the format of the Event. Usually Cash Game Weekend longs for 5 days, but this time it was announced duration for 6 days (from 28th of September till 3rd of October). That one additional day allowed international and local players to plan their trips and participation in the cash games with much more flexibility. Even if someone can't come before the beginning of the event - there was still enough days in ahead to enjoy great poker games.

Traditionally the first and the last days were not so full; as part of players either didn’t arrived yet or already flight away. But all the days were quite interesting, with full tables and lot of international players. 

Daily Texas Hold'em and Omaha games were running on. During the last day of the event, the very rare game for the Cash Game Weekend practice – one of the tables was opened for Chinese Poker. It was really fun for all players to participate and to see that kind of competition.

The event has gathered around 120 players from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Cyprus, Germany, Romania, and, of course, Georgia. The Poker arranged memorable friendly atmosphere where players were playing poker, joking, communicating and creating new friendship relations. It worth to say that lot of players were visiting Cash Game Weekend for the second or third time. It means that they like how the games are organized.

The event partner – prepared the special promotion before the event. According to that promotion top-10 players, who participated in the competition, were entitled by free transfers to the event, a free room in the 5-star hotel Leogrand during the event and the gift of $300 bankroll for the game. These 10 guys were selected from hundreds of thousands of poker players and participated from the very first day of the event and till its finish.

Every day the professional media team from the top Georgian poker magazine – was covering the news and updates in their online resource. Lots of interviews were taken by guys from local Georgian and invited foreign players.

Moments of the event:

The organizers brought the professional massage service that helped players to stay in the game as long as they wanted. Shisha flavors selection was available for the players on the floor.

The weather in Batumi was warm but rainy. Usually morning time there were sunny but at the evening it was rainy. The sea was still very warm and lots of people dive into the sea during the sunny period of a day. What else is needed for the successful game? ☺

So all the players enjoyed the games. And the organizers invited all of them to the next event that will be announced very soon.

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