Poker: Cash or Tournament?

Poker Cash Festivals or Tournament Series... What to choose?

By common opinion, Poker is money, communication in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and impressions that you will remember for years. The tournament series and the cash festivals perform all these functions,  but each one in its own way. You can raise a great money, feel like a real poker professional and taste all the charm of a first-class service in both cases.

Cash festivals (along with tournaments) feel quite confident, not so well-known as some of the poker series but always gather a loyal audience of fans and many followers of cash poker.

Let's get together: what is the fundamental difference between these two formats?

Poker series and tournaments. 

Poker Series - it's quite a long poker event. It consists of tournaments and satellites and lasts for a week or even more. Organizers are usually trying to diversify the tournament schedule to attract as many players as possible.

On Poker Series players have to make a buy-in for participation in a tournament or event. Those buy-ins usually are creating the prize fund (with additions or without from organizers).

Some of the participants prefer Omaha, others play Holdem, some of the players can afford only cheap tournaments, while others are coming to the series for the big prize pools. You have a choice! It is very important to keep the balance between of "fast" (turbo) and "slow" (deep-stacked with smooth structure) events.

Most of the poker series have one or more major tournaments: Main Event, High Roller, Side and some other large-scale events. It’s obvious that The Main Event is the diamond on the top of the tournaments and forms the most impressive money prize. Many people attend series just for the Main Event.

Cash festivals.

Poker Cash festival – it’s a game for cash. Usually, duration of the festival takes several days and the action takes place in a certain casino or poker room. You can feel the difference between a festival and conventional cash games – primarily large number of participants and limits.

Festival attracts players from different countries, which mostly are not seasonal visitors to the particular casino or poker room. Moreover a cash festival proposes a various ways of leisure like parties, attraction tours, etc.

The main task of a cash festival is to create it’s own community, to increase a poker culture and player’s skills. Cash game is neither just a game, nor only the “making money” but rather a pleasant pastime, new friends, new impressions and memories.

There is no full-fledged tournament during the Cash festival – sometimes there are little exceptions such as giving the possibility for players to play ‘S & G’ tournament. A lot of cash-players like such format because they want to control their time.

The majority of Poker series running the cash games in parallel but it’s completely different thing, as cash-game players have to switch from one play to another, change strategy of the poker game.

The new or rare poker game types are the another feature of Cash festivals. For example the Sviten special poker was played on some festivals. That type of poker game is little-known outside the Norway.

It can be said definitely that the modern cash festival as a poker format is developing and has not yet dared to compete with the biggest poker series. But at the same time it also means that such format is on demand and it’s audience is growing from event to event.

For a player cash games should be treated as a business rather than sport.

During the tournaments the blinds are growing continuously and this growth of the blinds increases the luck factor. At the cash table you are taking decisions - what to play, when to play, set your time for frame and for session. You can stay in game, take a ‘sit out’ or quit whenever you want.

It is not necessarily to take the first place in the cash game, it is another format. The main thing for comfortable play is the necessary bankroll, the ability to read opponents and nerves of steel :)

We have to acknowledge that cash festivals are not so popular like tournaments. We believe that Cash Festival format can be massive and it’ll happen sooner or later. Anyway, it’s not so important at the moment as participants receive Enjoyment by the game, Introducing new people, Getting travel, Having fun and Good Luck!

See you at the poker tables!!!


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