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What is the Concierge Service?

When you visit poker live events in different countries, you have to solve a lot of small and bigger issues:

  • Where to buy tickets?
  • What about the transfers?
  • Which hotels are cheaper and close by?
  • Where is a cash game and what are the stakes?
  • Where is better to rent a car or book a taxi?
  • Are there any additional bonuses for tournament or cash game active players?

Issues like this accumulate a lot. In order to solve them, there is Concierge Service. You just dial our number and you get answers to any questions.

For your convenience, please "select your country" in the drop-down menu above and communicate operator using provided either voice speech options or e-mail contact. We will help and advise you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

PokerTrest offers VIP-conditions for registered and active players.

Here is what PokerTrest concierge service can offer you:

  1. Assist you with any “practical” poker events related questions (anything related to online and offline events, how bonus system works, etc.)
  2. Book cheapest hotels.
  3. Provide the explanation about obtaining additional discounts and bonuses.
  4. Recommendations on taxi and/or car rental companies (including all transport services).

Are you traveling for business or vacations to a supported country by PokerTrest and have questions that are not related to poker? → Please contact our 24/7 call center and get quick answers!

Services for PokerTrest registered players (depends on the rating of a player on PokerTrest):

    • Stacking;
    • Transfers;
    • Accommodations;
    • etc.
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