Comeback to Tbilisi

Coming back to Tbilisi

Cash Game Weekend Tbilisi 9th-13th of November

The Poker Trest Company invites you to visit Tbilisi. If you've been there before - you'll discover a new side of this ancient city - the Autumn' Tbilisi. For newcomers, Tbilisi will open its warm heart and provide a unique experience of Georgian hospitality. Any restaurant you visit - you'll be positively shocked with a variety of the Georgian cuisine and extraordinary taste of the dishes.

It worth to walk into the Tbilisi old city. All the guest of previous events in Tbilisi can't forget these ancient streets crowded by tourists and locals, unforgivable architecture and beauty of antiquity. Tbilisi if full of monuments, which are frequently erected not only to the famous historical personalities but also great citizens of Tbilisi, movie heroes (not actors) and just abstract sculptures.The sculptures create a special atmosphere that underlines personality of Tbilisi.

The next cash festival in the sequence of Cash Game Weekend will be arranged in Tbilisi city in cooperation with Cash Game Tour and  Casino Adjara. All poker players are invited to join the poker tables starting from 9th of November and till 13th of November at Cash Game Weekend Tbilisi.

To get the details of the upcoming event and possible packages for players please visit Cash Game Weekend Tbilisi page.


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