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Do you play poker and want to travel? Do you want to receive additional services, discounts, various rakebacks, participate in the tournament series and cash-festivals? Want to go for rest on weekends on junket tours and play in the poker room or casino at the same time, without worrying about ticket prices, cost of living, safety and fair play?

An answer to all these questions has PokerTrest!


For players 

We provide you with Concierge Service from PokerTrest. Players get comprehensive professional support from our company:

If you need a concierge on tourism, transportation, tour guides or translator, feel free to contact us!


For organizers 

For partners, who organize various events in the world of poker, we offer our experience to attract new players, new poker sites in different countries, we share new ideas and marketing steps. We focus on the needs of our members and partners, creating a win-win symbiosis.

We are working:


Junket Tours in Georgia

We are actively developing junket tours route. Company PokerTrest offers trips to Georgia! All available casinos are listed on the site.

The tour includes:

Please contact our Concierge Service to get the tour or for any additional information.


Register on PokerTrest

Poker events are always accompanied by interesting meetings, parties, "gatherings" of players for a beer. We pay lot of attention to this and understand that poker - is primarily a social game that unites people.

Similar approach is applied when organizing tournament series and entertaining players who are registered users of PokerTrest. Register on our site, and we will guarantee you with good mood, because if you feel unwell, is better to stay away from table.

Registration is free and easy. Entered data may affect the level of support from PokerTrest team.


 If you wish to get more details about services of PokerTrest company you can read details in "About us" section of the site.


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