Belarus Poker Tour

The first stage of Belarus Poker Tour took place in November 2014, but in less than half a year, poker series has evolved from a local poker tournament into fastest growing poker series in the region. The tournament is held every two months in Minsk and it collects thousands of players, who immerse in the atmosphere of a good poker for 11 days.

The key to success is in low buy-ins, in the high level of organization and the reputation of the series organizer - Belarus Sports Poker Federation, founded in 2009 and nowadays having more than 5 thousand players in their ranks.

Since the summer of 2009 and before the start of Belarus Poker Tour, tournament team of the Federation has conducted more than 500 national-level tournaments, most of which are in partnership with The gained experience has been invested in the creation and development of its own series, which is a reflection of the views of its founders about tournament poker.

According to them, each player must have the opportunity to participate in a poker tournament, therefore Belarus Poker Tour – is the friendliest event to player’s budget in the Russian-speaking poker series. However, the "low cost” of these series should finish there: tournament structure, organization and quality of series, the atmosphere and the comfort of the players cannot be sacrificed. Following are the things what Belarus Poker Tour team is concentrated on:

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