Caring Hands Massage

Caring Hands Massage

Corporate massage - "Good mood and perfect well-being at any event!"

A team of massage therapists from Caring Hands will make your event special and unforgettable!

Massage into your office is the best solution for those who want:

  1. To be in a tonus 24/7;
  2. To be in a good mood;
  3. To increase the sales of your company;
  4. To deliver the project on time;
  5. To congratulate employees on their birthday, on their rise, etc .;
  6. Pleasantly surprise your customers or partners;
  7. Be a cool company to attract the best professionals.

Buy a subscription to a corporate massage in the office. The average price for a massage is $ 5.

Order massage for the events:

How does it work?

The masseur arrives at the appointed place and time and provides massage to everyone who wishes. The client sits on a chair, the massage is performed in clothes.

Tone. Status. Joy.

Best Regards, Caring Hands.

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